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Atosa refrigeration units are efficient and reliable to deliver anywhere, anytime, irrespective of climate change or difference. This means you don’t need to worry about the atmospheric temperature of our country, whether high or low.

Atosa Refrigeration has the following features, no one in the country does:

  • Powerful compressor
  • Stainless Steel exterior and interior
  • Easy and convenient Digital Temperature Control
  • Magnetic door seals which are easy to replace and clean
  • Well-designed unit with soft edges to avoid injuries
  • Dual-purpose chest freezers to suit your refrigeration regular needs today
  • 4 years warranty on refrigeration units
  • Approved for Australian and New Zealand standards
  • Energy efficient
  • High ambient operating temperature, designed to perform up to 43 degrees C
  • Fan forced fridges and freezers

Atosa Equip Commercial Fridges, Freezer, Underbench Fridge/Freezers, Pizza Prep Fridges, Bar Fridges, Chest Freezer, Cake Displays and Keg Coolers.

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